Lydia Mamsie Tsosane auf der Summercity



20354 Hamburg

n 2006 LYDIA MAMSIE TSOSANE moved to Europe to be part of the DISNEY Production "THE LION KING" in Hamburg, covering the roles of Rafiki, Shenzi and as a Swing Singer. In 2008 September LYDIA MAMSIE TSOSANE joined an african Circus "AFRIKA, AFRIKA" as a lead singer, toured with them all over Europe. In 2009 she went back to the studio and released two single albums. LYDIA MAMSIE TSOSANE'S career startet when she teamed up with a township band from Soweto and the paint brush started painting beautiful colors in her life: from Jazz Clubs to Jazz Festivals, she started recording with South Africa's well known artists and got her first brake as a songwriter. One of her songs was featured in the "CLASSICALLY ZULU"-album. In 2003 she was asked to join the number one Musical in South Africa "UMOJA" where she toured with from Southh Africa to Asia and Europe. THE SKY IS HER LIMIT.