Joel Havea auf der Summercity



20354 Hamburg

Joel Havea is no stranger to life on the road. The Tongan-born, Melbourne-raised musician left Australia in 2008 and gigged his way across the world, playing countless small shows throughout South-East Asia and Europe. He decided to stay in Europe, eventually landing in Hamburg in the summer of 2009, where he immediately began integrating himself into the cities dynamic music scene. It was in the harbour city where he really began honing his own sound, writing lots of new material inspired from his travels, and fine tuning the great backlog of songs he had written over the years. The result is his debut album “You Make Me Believe” which was independently released in March 2012. The record is a 100% self-made, self-financed production and touches on his varied musical influences, from soul and pop, to roots and reggae, naturally with his own percussive acoustic touch and an emphasis on harmony and groove. As a singer/songwriter Joel Havea is bringing back an old school approach to song writing. No fancy gimmicks, just good songs, strong melodies and a simple message. Come down to a show and check it out for yourself!